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Centred in the hub of Broadway Avenue, Palmerston North, Aberdeen is located in one of Palmerston North’s historic buildings. Serving a combination of the finest contemporary cuisine, an extensive wine list, ambience, and exceptional service gives Aberdeen on Broadway the leading edge. Aberdeen serves award winning AngusPure beef, which is simply in a league of its own.

CHEF | Craig Robinson

Craig Robinson started as a kitchen hand at the Bathhouse (now Aberdeen) when he was 16 years old, working for more than four years. After becoming the sous chef, Craig worked at Dejeuner, before spending 10 years in Sydney restaurants. After gaining a wealth of experience, Craig moved back to Palmerston North’s Aberdeen as the Head Chef. Craig has an obvious passion for food, and a love for creating new dishes.


Mount Bistro serves creative, innovative food, with great complexity of flavour that you can wash down with first-class New Zealand wines. Mount Bistro was established in April 2007 by multi award winning chef, Stephen Barry. Since then it has excelled to win almost every competition it has entered, and developed a reputation for consistent outstanding food served in a warm friendly atmosphere.

CHEF | Stephen Barry

stephen-barry-profile-1Stephen’s early influence was his mother who is an artist and chef. He realised at a young age you need to be a food artist, an alchemist, and a perfectionist-passion alone is not enough. Stephen is 100% committed to being a chef and describes it as being “the ultimate in competition with yourself, every night you are striving to do your best to aim for perfection and failure is not an option. Stephen is the owner-operator of Mount Bistro.

Needless to say, Bay of Plenty chefs have access to the very best seafood. Here you can buy kai moana as soon as it arrives at the wharf. Te Puke is the world’s kiwifruit capital, with the vast majority of our famous export crop grown here. Avocados also flourish in the warm conditions and fertile soil, and berry farms burst into life each summer so you can ‘pick your own’ straight from the bush. This region hosts numerous outdoor festivals and events, and gourmet food markets have become a part of this scene. Sample international street food and handmade edibles while listening to live music and relaxing with friends.

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