2017 Participant: Chillingworth Road & Jimmy Cook's


Plate of Origin Dish and Hero Ingredients Meadow Mushrooms and Akaroa Salmon


Chillingworth Road is both a journey and a destination located in Papanui, Christchurch. Centred around award-winning Chef Darren Wright’s kitchen, expect a menu that will take you from breakfast to formal evening dining; a bar perfect for that after work drink; and a kitchen store and school, where the food philosophy and secrets will be shared and you’ll be able to take home your own piece of Chillingworth Road!

Chillingworth road is a partnership between husband and wife team Darren Wright – Head Chef, and Leanne Wright – Restaurant Manager. In the front of house, Leanne’s warm, attentive and professional service blends her years of knowledge and natural hospitality. The Chillingworth Road cellar concentrates on premium wines from New Zealand, and around the globe. 

Darren showcases as many local products as possible such as line caught Groper and Salmon from his home town of Akaroa enhanced by Canterbury Lamb and Beef. The quality of food is paramount and to obtain that they have explored where the food comes from and is prepared at every level. Local and fresh at it’s best. They like to focus on the flavours of the ingredients and highlight the beauty of each individual element.

CHEF | Darren Wright

Darren is a highly accomplished chef who at Chillingworth Road, sources as much local produce as possible, he firmly believes it is very important to use NZ products as “they are among the best in the world”. He also was named recipient of one of the highest culinary honours within the industry at Beef + Lamb’s Ambassador Series dinner. After being named an Ambassador Chef for Beef + Lamb New Zealand four times, Darren has earned the prestigious title of Platinum Ambassador alongside only five other top Kiwi chefs. Darren is an internationally recognised chef receiving numerous awards over the past years including Cuisine Good Food Guide, Canterbury Chef of the year and even the 1999 SPHC Junior Chef of the Nation.


Jimmy Cook’s Kiwi Kitchen is located in the Copthorne Hotel in central Palmerston North. Jimmy Cook’s Kiwi Kitchen is proud to use only fresh, seasonal produce. Offering all Kiwi favourites, the menu combines the indigenous flavours of New Zealand and offers a casual dining experience. Jimmy Cook’s wine list features a list of local New Zealand wines to accompany meals. Whether you’re pining for a hearty breakfast, healthy lunch or a Kiwi favourite for dinner and dessert, Jimmy Cook’s Kiwi Kitchen has a dish to delight even the most seasoned food critics. Jimmy Cook’s provides breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert menus, as well as a special menu for children. The restaurant also provides wines, cocktails and bar bites every evening.







CHEF | Jonathan Mawley

Executive Chef Jonathan Mawley (Jono), has been involved as a chef in the food industry for over 20 years. Originally from Hawkes Bay and trained in Wellington, Jono has spent his time learning and creating in numerous restaurants in both New Zealand and Australia. Jono is proud to boast achievements such as a multiple recipient of the New Zealand Lamb and Beef Excellence Awards, First Runner up of the Inaugural Manawatu Chef of the Year Awards and proud mentor Chef of the 2015 Service IQ Cookery Apprentice of the Year Winner. The Copthorne Hotel (Formerly Kingsgate Hotel) recently went through a major renovation, rebranding and image change. Jono has brought a new era of quality food and service to the Hotel with great success. Jimmy Cook’s prides itself on creating unique quality food using fresh seasonal produce.

In Canterbury, there exists a place where the climate is perfect for food to grow and plants to flourish. Better yet, the range of produce from the area is rich and varied – seafood, game, truffles, fruit – and it’s all in one region. Eating a meal or drinking a glass of wine is like tasting the area itself.  The creation of dishes with ingredients sourced from one region tells a story that ties the place together. There is a knowledge and familiarity that those in the region have with their surroundings. They know the best times to pick, to plant and to hunt. They know where the food has come from, how it has been produced, and through this, present an opportunity to have a connection to what you eat.

In our modern world, people are starting to appreciate the idea of slowing down, and the value that can be found in knowing where your food is sourced.  There’s a lot to be said for eating fresh food that is seasonal, within a reasonable distance from where you live, from the land, river and oceans that surround you. There is no better place, and no greater a variety and scope of fresh produce in one region, than in Canterbury. There is an incredible array of food that can be gathered from the seashore, mountains, estuaries, ocean, hills, orchards, roadsides and farms.

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