2019 Participants, La Patio Cafe & Fleurs Place

Otago & Southland


Plate of Origin Dish: Manawatu lamb rack with Fleur’s harvested seaweed salt, goat curd, beetroot gel, eel flakes and marinated dried eel.

Hero Products: (1) Coastal Spring Lamb sourced from Whanganui and (2) Congor Eel from Dunedin’s commercial fisherman.


La Patio Café & Bar can be found in the Hotel Coachman in Palmerston North City. La Patio has a welcoming ambience and with refurbishments completed there is no better place to dine. La Patio’s highly trained, national and international chefs have developed a selection of dishes for their menus using only the freshest of local and international produce. Their style of cuisine would be classed as modern New Zealand and Asian inspired cuisine. Located at the front of the hotel, Le Patio Cafe offers diners both indoor and alfresco dining.

CHEF | Dexter Gallaza

Dexter Gallaza is the Head Chef at La Patio, he is a prime example of a professional who decided to pursue his passion and completely changed his career direction. His passion and love for food was his main motivation in setting up his small food catering business back in the Philippines. Following his move to NZ in 2012, he recently finished a 2 and a half year apprenticeship and is now a fully qualified NZ chef. His repertoire today spans all type of dishes from traditional-home-style dishes to modern fusion cooking. The foundation of his dishes is mostly Asian, but since moving to NZ, has adopted spices and style from other cuisines. His repertoire spans all type of dishes from traditional home-style to modern fusion cooking.


Fleurs Place a restaurant, cafe and bar right on the waterfront at the old jetty. Fleurs Place specialty is fresh fish straight from Moeraki Bay fishing boats. The restaurant established on an early whaling station site in 2002 and is built from gathered collectables and demolition materials from all over the South Island. The owner Fleur specializes in simple elegant seafood dishes using only the freshest local seasonal produce. In fact, the menu is based on whatever seafood the local fisherman have caught that day and unloaded on the wharf right beside the restaurant.

CHEF | Fleur Sullivan

Chef FleurFleur Sullivan has made her reputation in Central Otago where she established Olivers restaurant and has received numerous awards for her restaurants and in recognition for her contribution to tourism. Fleur’s deep understanding of New Zealand produce and her commitment to using regional produce has helped earn her a reputation as one of our country’s top restaurateurs. The vision she has had throughout her 40-year culinary career, and continues to have, appears quite simply in her top-quality fresh local food, cooked well and served in a fantastic setting by people offering conviviality and warm hospitality.

There are many examples of Otago’s produce being successful on the national and international stage, for instance the offshore cold sea currents allow fishing fleet access to deep sea species such as Blue Cod, arguably the best eating fish, and squid. Little Neck Clams and Queens Scallops are harvested in the Otago Harbour and exported to internationally renowned restaurants in Boston, New York, Singapore and Malaysia. You can also just dig them out yourself! Otago also has access to the finest merino meat and milk products, used by local cheese producers, such as the award winning Whitestone Cheese Co. in Oamaru.  This historic town, with its atmospheric Victorian Precinct alive with cafes and restaurants, is on the doorstep of one of New Zealand’s newest wine regions, the Waitaki Valley.

With a heritage of Chinese settlement and market gardens the Otago Farmers Market, held weekly next to the Dunedin Railway Station, is well supplied with seasonal produce; specialties are root vegetables with the colder winter climate, yams, parsnips, pumpkin as well as leeks. Dunedin is one of the only cities in the world where you can fish for Salmon in the city. Locally smoked salmon and pates and other products are a favourite at the market and the local fare is  also readily available to try at one of the many restaurants in the central city Octagon or other city precincts.  Both Dunedin and Oamaru have a lively local craft beer industry, and their inhabitants are also spoilt for choice in locally roasted and blended coffees. The region’s produce is a perfect foil for the diverse and spectacular landscapes and unique wildlife species appreciated by locals and visitors alike.



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